[July 29, 2012]

The mini-amp connectors I used for the EGT/CHT and Oil temp sensors have not been all that great. I think every one of them has malfunctioned to the point of giving me bad readings on my Engine monitor. I ended up using the D-Sub connectors that would normally go in a DB9/25 connector. They fir together very snugly.

This is the old connectors. They barely had any friction with each other. No wonder I was getting bad readings.

Once I put the new connectors on, I used heatshrink to keep the connection together.

Then I bundled everything up. This should be a solid solution.

I did the same with the oil temp sensor wires.

And the #1/3 CHT/EGT wires. The end result looks really impressive. I hope it works in the long term!

Another problem I have been having is the tray with my GPS receivers interferes with the hinges for the cowl. The thing is I designed the tray when the hinges weren't attached to the firewall.

I decided to trim the back length of the tray and make a extension bracket screwed into the firewall.

With the new bracket and the tray trimmed, it works a lot better.

I used some #8 screws and installed nutplates on the extension

All back together. This will make oil changes a little easier.

Uh oh....Is that a crack on the FAB mounting plate?

Damn! Same location as the last one! This plate is a real bear to make.

Sure enough, a 3.25" crack. Some people claim the solution is a doubler that goes between the FAB mounting plate and the fuel servo. I'll give that a try next time.



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