[July 1, 2012]

I received an email a few weeks ago from a guy in Sweden (Ulf) who was staying in the DC for a few days in early July and wanted to see my RV. Luckily, my schedule was wide open for today and I offered him not only to see the RV, but also a ride to lunch somewhere. Ulf quickly took me up on my offer! Today we met up and chatted RV's for a while in the hangar. Ulf started his RV tailkit around the time I did -- 2006. He is working on his fuel tanks now. Since 2006 he has received his pilots license, IFR ticket, CFI ticket and accumulated 800 hours of time flying! I felt like an inch tall compared to all of Ulf's experience. Even with all of his experience, he was a very humble pilot and a great person to fly with. We had a blast talking RV's and life at our lunch destination in Coatesville, PA.

Before we went to lunch, I ran into a RV-8 pilot who invited me to check out some of the toys in a hangar in Coatesville. When I walked up to the hangar my mouth dropped when I saw this pristine P51 mustang. In the back of the hangar there were multiple V-12 Rolls Royce engines.

A camouflage Piper Cub.

Keeping the P51 company was a spitfire. Once again, in perfect condition. The 5 blade prop was extremely impressive.

And to boot a T-6 also! The T-6 had a very nice polished aluminum propeller.

The way home was uneventful. The EGT sensor issues on #3 seems to be fixed. I didn't have any issues. Notice how it is 81 degrees at 2,500'. It was a hot one on the surface today -- about 95-100 degrees.

When I got back to the hangar I noticed there was some sound when I moved the engine. I thought the spinner was rubbing on the cowl. However, when I got the top cowl off, I saw a little white paint on top of the plenum.

There was some minor rubbing on the top cowl where the spinner is.

On the inside of the cowl there was marks from where the cowl is rubbing on the plenum. So when I raised the engine, it is not too close to the top cowl, causing a slight interference with the plenum. So right now I don't know what exactly to do. In the short term I am going to put some UHMW tape on the plenum for where it rubs the cowl. I think I need less thickness of a washer to raise the engine. The AN970-7 washer is 1/16" thick. I will see if there is a 1/32" thick washer to swap it out with. That would be the ticket if such a thing existed!

Ulf was nice enough to take a picture of me next to the P-51 Mustang. Thanks Ulf!

And another one back at the homebase.



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