[May 14, 2011]

This morning I used the hing pins to test out the gear leg fairings for the first time. Both of them fit together great.

I used a cutoff wheel to trim the aft edge.

I drove out to the hangar and gave the fairings a test fit, along with the intersection fairings.

I think it looks really great. Too bad there's a lot of work to get these to their final fit.

In order to fir the gear leg fairings properly, the weight must be lifted off the main gears and the fuselage leveled. I got out my handy wing jacks and boosted the RV up.

Here is my new method for holding down the tail. I put a piece of galvanized pipe in some cinder blocks, and use some rock climbing webbing to tie the tailwheel to the galvalized pipe.

An angle shot. This worked much better than my previous attempts. I worked a while on making a bracket to hold the gear leg fairings to the gear legs. However, when it came time to drill a hole, I realized I left my airdrill at home. Of course when I got home, I remembered I did have an electric drill stashed in my toolbox! Oh well, good night of coming up with ideas on how to mount the gear leg fairings.



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