[May 12, 2011]

Today's weather was just perfect for flying. Low 70's on the ground and barely any wind. I just finished submitting my last final exam for this semester of grad school, so I decided to celebrate with an evening flight. The destination was Smoketown, PA (S37). I have been here once before when I was getting transition training. However, I have never been here on my own. That's all the reason I needed to land here. It is also a shorter runway (2,400') than I am used to, and I need to start getting better at landing at shorter fields. The 5,000' runway at DMW is spoiling me!

I really like my EFIS setup. In two screens I know everything going on with my RV. Map, PFD, engine stats. This GRT EFIS's are just awesome. I don't know if there's a better bang for the buck out there.

My passenger for the day is my new iPad, running ForeFlight 4.0. Nothing like having a VFR chart with GPS location on it.

Heading East, about to cross the Susquehanna river.

When I landed at Smoketown my RV idled like crap. What's happening is the low fuel flow is evaporating in the engine before it gets to the cylinders. In the air the airplane runs perfect. On the hot ground, it stumbles around.

Leaving Smoketown I snapped a quick pic.

Bunch of sunset pics. It was beautiful out there tonight looking west.

Flying home I noticed I was flying over Shrewsberry, PA. I work with some people who live there and I went on a mission to take pictures of there houses. My buddy Kenny lives down here somewhere.

And my friend Dave lives down here.

Last sunset pic heading back to KDMW. I greased the landing at KDMW with a full-stall landing. I typically do a wheel landing because of my full-stall landings haven't been all that great. However, I am getting the hankering to land at some grass fields this summer, and I really need to be comfortable with a full stall landing for those. Great night of flying!



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