[February 5, 2011]

I am slowly working towards getting the wheelpants on the airplane. However, to do so, I need to be able to lift the wheels off the ground in order to align them properly. I bought a pair of 3 ton long jacks from Harbor Freight (p/n: 36468) today I make some wing jacks. I didn't get very far with its construction.

I went to the airport to work on the project next. Yesterday I ran the right tank pretty low so I could calibrate it. I emptied the remaining 3 gallons out of the tank.

I have been meaning to make this for a while. I took some 1/16" thick plexiglass I bought at Home Depot and put 1/2" border of velcro around it. Boom, instant airworthiness certificate holder! It looks amazingly good too.

My operating limits and weight and balance are tucked in the glovebox.

While I was at the hangar I thought I'd check on the oil cooler blocking plate.

Just as I suspected, the plate had pulled away some. I guess duct tape isn't so great for this either.

I figured I needed something mechanical to hold the blocking plate to the oil cooler. So I made this contraption.

There is a gap where the arrow points to show where it hugs the right side of the oil cooler.

Here it is in place. I used some weatherstripping to apply pressure to the backing plate. To install it I only have to undo the two outboard bolts holding on the oil cooler. the inboard bolt is a real pain to get at, so thats why I made a bracket that sandwiches the flange on the inboard side of the oil cooler. I have a feeling this is the last of the oil cooler issues I've been having of running too cold. Worst case is the blocking plate isn't large enough and/or the rubber weatherstripping might melt. More fun experiments!



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