[December 18, 2010]

My goal for today's trip was to almost empty a fuel tank. The GRT EFIS screens have a calibration table to correlate indicated fuel quantity to actual fuel quantity. Although to calibrate it, one tank obviously has to be empty. I started out the flight by flying over my cousins house who lives about 10 miles south of the airport, in my Phase 1 area.

She got a kick out of the photos. S

When I got up to altitude, I leaned back the engine and was surprised I was only getting 10.2 GPH at 62%. Then I realized my electric fuel pump was on. That thing changes my fuel flow readings by about 2GPH. Good to know.

I also noticed my oil temps were really low - about 150 degrees. I think my blocker for the oil cooler fell off!

Ski Whitetail looked busy. The parking lot was packed with cars.

The Potomac River was iced over. Its is only mid December to boot! I hate winter!

Wow, 3.5 hours in the air. This was the longest flight I have ever taken. Although a good way to get those hours flown off the airplane!



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