[November 21, 2005]

I called up Avery this morning to get the 2X rivet gun replaced with a 3x gun. They were very willing to cross ship me the 3x and credit my account with the shipping charges. It was almost too easy! I also purchased some rivet squeezer quick release clips for my pneumatic squeezer. Those will make swapping out yokes a breeze.

Today I also worked on the administrative side of my website. I had a hell of a time with the website being slow. It was super fast when I was on the server, but doggin' it from anywhere else. I changed out the network card, video card, service packs, etc but nothing. Even did a BIOS upgrade on the computer. I was getting ready to trash it thinking it was the motherboard. In the very end, I disabled a IDE controller on the motherboard that I didn't use. As soon as I did that, everything sped up. When I was debugging the problem, I put a network sniffer on the line and it was showing a lot of retransmissions, no acks, etc. - Like the NIC on the server was missing data. Must of been a conflict with the extra IDE controller. This server is pretty old, but it has been chugging along for about 6 years now. It would of sucked to had to go out and spend money on something that doesnt get riveting/attached to the RV!

Also, today I e-mailed Dan Checkoway to ask him for his builders # for the Van's finders fee. There were three people that I felt deserved the finders fee - Tom Emery, Robert Saltsman (Salty) and Dan. I didn't feel that Tom deserved it because I payed for his class and what I learned from it. Salty was my prefered person for the finders fee because he gave me a great demo ride, but he didn't want the fee. Dan is the site that I spent many hours looking at and really got me excited. He did a hell of a job on his site and he deserves to get compensated for it. When I e-mailed him I asked if he was going to be around in the middle of January when I will be in So Cal visiting my friend Big Al from college. He said that he would do his best to meet up with me!

When I got home from work today, I cut out a rectangular-ish hole in my workbench with a scroll saw. This is to put the plate for back riveting flush with the top of the table.

Nice hole, same size as the plate. It took a bunch of filing to get the plate to fit snug. Notice the 3 1/4"" holes I put in the 2x4. When I put my other 2x4's on either side of this one for support, I will not be able to get at the back of my plate to pop it out if I needed to (like when I move). So I put in a few small holes so that when I need to remove the plate, I can just push something up there to pop the plate out.

Tonight Bill Cloughley invited me over to his house to check out his -7. Bill was really nice and patient to describe to me all of his building steps and answer my newbie questions. This is a pic of his fuselage and the rudder.

Finally, when I got back from looking at Bill's -7, I got a email from Paul at ExperimentalAero letting me know that my DRDT-2 dimpler was shipping this Wednesday. EA definitely has great customer communications!


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