[November 19, 2005]

Today I went flying with my dad down to Tangier Island (KTGI) on the eastern shore of Virginia. We had a great time remembering things when we were there 20 years ago on my grandparents boat. We found a great deal on soft crabs (2.5 dozen for $25!) and had a great flight home.

When I got home, I finished my workbench. My final dimensions were a 28"x64" top, with a 2" overhang around the perimiter. The EAA workbench spec did not call for any overhang, but I felt that the overhang would help out with clamping down stuff.

I then unpacked all of my chemicals from Aircraft Spruce and cataloged them. Then it was onto the tools. Avery had all of the tools in two boxes. I slowly and carefully unpacked both boxes and ran an inventory. Everything was there, except for the rivet squeezer which was backordered. The only problem I saw was I requested a 3x rivet gun, but on the invoice and box was a 2x rivet gun. I will call Avery up first thing monday and get this straightend up. Not a big deal because I have a lot of priming and dimpling to do before I start riveting.

Finally, with the backriveting plate out of the box, I centered it and marked where I will cut a hole in my workbench to accomodate it. My workbench top is 3/4" and the rivet plate is probably about 1/4" - 1/2", so I will need to find some shims to back it up. Also, I want to put some more 2x4's underneith of the plate for some additional support.

Shop setup with new workbench

Notice the shim under the front right leg....For the first time, this is NOT due to my shotty craftmanship! This was needed to compensate for how screwed up the floor is in my basement. The bench still isn't level, but at least its stable on on 4 feet.

All the chemicals from Aircraft Spruce. MEK, Alodine, Alumiprep and AKZO. All of this weighted 31 lbs according to UPS. Shipping cost $70 from GA to MD. I think it was so much because all of the packages were labeled as HAZMATS.

Box 1 from avery unpacked.

2X rivet gun?!?!?!?! I thought I had ordered a 3X. One way or another I got the 2x. After the inventory process, everything was in the packages that Avery said would be. No biggie that the rivet gun is the wrong one. I wont need this for a while...at least until my dimpler shows up! I have to say that Avery did a nice job of packaging everything. Even small instructional papers for some of the tools. Definitely over the top!



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